A new and more social contacts agenda


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Contapps (Contacts) is an application that aims to replace your contacts book with one that looks better, is more functional, and above all, is jam packed full of options.

The app is divided into two main sections: one which lets you make calls in the normal way with the phone pad, and one which contains the contact list itself. The first thing that stands out in the second section is that the contacts, instead of being presented in a list, come in grid form with the most frequently called coming first followed by the rest in alphabetical order.

It is only once you select one of your contacts that you really begin to appreciate the different functions found in Contapps. You have different tabs for each of the social networks so you can see all their latest updates directly from your agenda.

Contapps (contacts) is the perfect substitute for the traditional Android contacts agenda, which while working fine and offering a good service, lacks all the extra options that this app offers. Also, aesthetically, Contapps looks far prettier.
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